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Mains: hair & beauty products & sewing goods

Our mission:add color to life


KI HING USP  ~ Choices & Convenience

1) Save time & transport cost by all-in-one shopping in one-stop,more convenience.

2) More choices in products variety to customers
3) B
eing a supplier, help the needed people (elderly, disabled, unemployed) to create own business (retail).
Community service, serve NGO by providing cheap & good necessities.
Living quality gained by good products
Recruitment offered  (KI HING members)
7) Motivate economy & trading



Founded in 1978, our wholesale shop was established in Shamshuipo, HongKong.

Our company is well-known for over 30 years in hair and beauty products and sewing goods.

In 1993, our own factory was set up in Dongguan, China.

Our brand KH for hair comb & brush is highly popular in both HongKong & mainland China.

KH products include plastic & wooden comb & brush etc.. over 300 styles. KH products are available for wholesale in our HongKong shop. Tailor-made design & export orders are also welcome.

Products / Services:

Four main product categories in our company:

1. Hair products (e.g. hair comb & brush, cosmetic mirror, hair scissor, hairnet..):

2. Cosmetic tools (e.g. nail clipper, nail file, eyebrow clipper, blade, razor..)

3. Hair accessories (e.g. headband, hair clip, hair band, elastic band..)

4. Sewing Goods (e.g. towel, socks, yarn, needle, thread, scarf, glove..)

5. Gifts & Premiums (e.g. recycle bag, umbrella, gift packages, hiking goods...)

Sole Agent:

-    Japan 555 hair clips

-    Japan Feather blades, shavers, nail clipper

-    Japan KAI nail clipper

-   Japan sekaicho sewing machine needles

-   Japan SKC seam rippers

-    KH hair combs & brushes

-    Korea BELL nail clipper

-    England Lovelyhair hairnet